Time Space Continuum, Parallel Universes, and The Grandfather Paradox

It was within the last year that I learned that I traveled from the past into the present. It was in my mother's womb that I learned of events that transpired before my current history. The battle scars on my back pay homage to the fiery grip that held me while I made contact back to Star Base Kola. Maybe it was a laser, an arrow, or some kind of other killing mechanism that enlightened me to re-evaluate my mission on earth.

I'm not even positive I was on earth when I started this "mission." My old nemesis has come to pass and new ones begin to shed their skin....or perhaps they are one in the same? Every time a spider molts, a carbon copy dangles in it's place. I wonder where I left my copy. I wonder where these monkeys lost their tails.

As I travel from one place to another new romances take a choke hold on the old. I often wonder if my old wives had re-married back home. Have my children surpassed me in my studies....did I have children? I can't remember. I don't even know if my new wife will except my old wives when I return home.

Upon entrance to battlefield Earth I found myself in the middle of a 5 century old war. I was forced to take sides. It wasn't by choice, I've been trying to remain neutral but it seems like every attempt at peace is futile when evil men occupy my homelands.


It was two days ago I seen a glimpse of my future played backwards. Which makes me ponder: Is this the past, present, or future that I'm experiencing?

After some meditation I've come to the conclusion that I'm experiencing all three instantaneously in a single moment. Never moving forward or backwards but just moving. When I glimpsed the future I was over come with a feeling of nostaglia, yet what I was vewing was completley new. I knew this could only be my future but it felt like I remained in my time line...... one instant had become 3. I experienced the future inside out. It was as if someone put my head on backwards and let me look through a mirror. It's hard to explain. It's like moon walking with your eyes on the back of your head.

As we spin through space and make our revolutions around the sun, the weather changes but we remain stationary. I never look out my front door and face a new direction because I'm always surrounded by the Cardinal Directions. It's like being strapped into a ferris wheel. Even when I was on the North Pole, I never got dizzy...........

If everything exists in an instant then it's safe to conclude nothing ever becomes extinct. It just becomes what it isn't and what it isn't--- isn't feasible by what it is, for if it was feasible it would be what it isn't.

So what is it?

That's thing about time travel. I can't remember where I was but I can see, potentially one reality. The other is foggy at best but it exists too.....or does it? I've used the following diagrams to explore the possibility under my current understanding of time travel. Under the figures I theorize what would happen if you could go back in time and kill your father. Of coarse, my father possess the gift of foresight, so killing him would be a conundrum in it's self.

Figure 4-1

Figure 4-2

Figure 4-3

Under the figure 4-1, we see two time lines that exist for two individuals simultaneously. In figure 4-2 one time line compromises the other, the two become intertwined combating each other for existence.

Under figure 4-3 we see that time travel exists in a single moment, as we move backward we blink out existence once again.

In all figures I use a cycle to explain my understanding of time travel. Not in a line but forever revolving like the years. Things grow and change like civilizations or human bodies. Time is like the seasons. It's cold, it gets warm, it gets cold again.

In conclusion I think moving forward is the only way we can review the past in this instant.
It comes around again like spring but only after winter covers our old memories.

Live from the Badlandz, South Dakota, CS.